Ira and Maura and Friends

Ira and Maura from Walking X-Ray wrangled a fantastic group of musicians to perform a mix of Oldies and Ramones covers for a high school dance themed party that took place in Swordpaw’s very own Lower Parlor. There was a straight up dance party. And raffles. It was wild.


Rocknroll High School

This project was a bit of a change for Swordpaw because nothing was recorded, just an elusive one night only rocknroll party. If there weren’t any pictures, no one would have believed it happened.


The Rocknroll High School band was the largest, sweatiest band Swordpaw has seen. They spent sweltering, barefooted, sticky nights in the studio honing the rock. Ira and Maura were focused and passionate leaders throughout the project. Band practices were always productive and the party went off without a hitch thanks to their effort and planning.

It was so awesome that there probably should have been more Rocknroll High School shows. But maybe it was so awesome because there was only one.